Ross Candle Company

Soothe, Heal, Re-Energize

Our Story

We are a group of friends/family who shared a
common interest in a love for candles.

We believe they are both soothing and healing.

With this common interest we took on making candles/soaps to start a small business.

We slowly grew and
gained knowledge and insight into the candle making process.

We worked hard to find the right scent
combinations, textures, and ingredients
 that are both extremely pleasing and energizing.

We did it!

and so was born...

Ross Candle Company - Premium Handmade Candles and Soaps

Soothe, Heal, Re-Energize

Amazing Candles

High Quality 100% Soy Wax candles with premium fragrances in a beautiful glass jar. Seasonal and classic scented candles, as well as handmade Soap bars with unique fragrance combinations.

We started out loving candles ourselves! We searched for all the right scents and realized we had to take it into our hands. We have worked hard to find scent combinations that are extremely pleasing.

We really hope you guys love our candles and soaps!

Wonderful Soaps and Lotions

Our soaps and lotions are uniquely formulated to give you everything you need to keep your skin healthy.  Amazing scents and textures mixed with natural ingredients end up with a great product.     

Beautiful Rustic Packaging - Great for Gifts

Our packaging, logo, and glass choice have a beautiful rustic, vintage style to them, making them the perfect gift-giving idea. We also do a personalized message when given as a gift.