Ross Candle Company

Soothe, Heal, Re-Energize


Our Organic Candles are:

*Made with 100% Organic Products

*Natural Organic Essential Oils for Fragrance

*Locally Sourced Ingredients

*Homegrown Rosemary, Basil, Sage

*Hand Poured in small batches

*Made in the USA
*100% Natural Soy Wax or 100% Natural Organic Beeswax

*Family Owned Company
*Premium Fragrance Oil

Lavender (Bulgaria), Lemongrass (India), Peppermint (India), Eucalyptus (Globulus),
 Tea Tree (Australian), Sweet Orange (Brazil),
Geranium, Mandarin (Farmer's Market), Thyme (Local)
Cedarwood (Local), Basil (Local), Lemon (Local),
Grapefuit, Juniper (Local),
Sage, Rosemary (Homegrown in Decatur, Ga)